Need some space?

Our private Commercial Kitchen is located on 19441 Business Center Drive Unit #104 in Northridge, CA.  We offer chefs, cooks, caterers, cooking teachers, restaurateurs, photographers and production crews the opportunity to have part-time commercial kitchen use.  We never close---our kitchens are available 24/7/365.  

Our kitchen has been used by Farmer’s Market product vendors, personal chefs, event and corporate caterers, chefs doing recipe testing for their new restaurants, cooking classes and so much more.  

We Offer: 

  • A kitchen that is Health Department Licensed.
  • A kitchens to start or expand your food related business without the huge expense involved in building and equipping your own commercial kitchen.
  • A kitchen that is equipped with commercial stoves, convection ovens, refrigerators, freezers, storage shelves, and large stainless work tables.
  • A kitchen that offers short-term or long-term part-time usage---and private use during your own designated hours.
  • A kitchen where you can teach cooking classes, test recipes for your new restaurant, do set-schedule catering, and much more! 


1.    You are welcome to use any of the equipment within the building premises as long as it is clean and in the same condition you found it.
2.    If you damage any equipment you will be responsible for replacing it. Accidents do happen; please have the integrity to let us know immediately.
3.    All renters must have their own liability insurance.  If you don’t have liability insurance, we can discuss the possibility of working with our insurance company.  (Please note there will be an additional fee for this) 
4.    An immaculately clean kitchen is what we all aspire to. Please make sure that all surfaces, including floors that you use are left spotless when you leave. 
5.    Dishes & equipment must be returned to their original places when you leave.
6.    All boxes must be broken down flat and placed in outside garbage bin for collection. All other trash must be bagged and also placed outside in bin.
7.    Please let us know immediately if there is a problem with any aspect of the facility so we can try to rectify the problem as soon as possible. This includes kitchen equipment, refrigeration, sinks, stoves, plumbing, bathrooms, garbage collection, electrical, etc. 

Insurance - must be submitted before starting work in the kitchen
We require all renters to have general liability insurance.  It covers our facility and equipment, as well as your products from any damage caused by our facility. You are responsible for the insurance, and most home and car insurance companies offer some kind of general liability insurance. Your policy needs to list us as an “additionally insured” property owner. If you need insurance, which is required for working in our kitchens, we  have an agent who has been helpful in obtaining reasonably priced business insurance policies.  

Kitchen Rental Costs:

Pricing ranges from $20-$40/hour depending on time and usage.  There will be an additional fee for not leaving the kitchen the same way you found it. 

Security Deposit
The security deposits are fully refundable provided that you have paid all fees on time, and that you have caused no damage to our facility.  If the kitchen is left not fully cleaned then we will deduct a cleaning fee from your security deposit.  The security deposit will be returned upon a final inspection of the kitchen after your usage.